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To begin having your competion hosted on our site please visit the LIST page to begin your journey with taking your competition to the next level.

Each package offers something different, we also offer additional extras which you can view further down.


Basic Event Advertisement


per event

Event listed in one region

Link to a site of your choosing


Basic Eentry Hosting


per event

+ £1.50 booking fee per entry

Event listed in one region

Entries hosted through TCF

Link to regional entry page

Updates every week on entry numbers

Unformatted spreadsheet of final entries


Ultimate Entry Hosting


per event

Event listed in one region

Entries hosted through TCF

Link to unique entry page

Updates every other day on entry numbers

Formatted spreadsheet of final entries

Customisable entry form

Priority Support

+ £1.35 booking fee per entry

Free Official Listing


Extras you can add on top of your package to take your event promotion and entry hosting further.*

To purchase an extra for your event, please visit the ADDITIONAL EXTRAS page. You must have already submitted an event to be listed before you can purchase these.

Multi-Region Listing


One additional region


Two additional regions


Event listed in every region

Daily Updates


We will update you daily on entry numbers

Post On Official Search Forum


With Bronze


With Silver


With Gold

Platinum Upgrade 


Event Listed in every region and receive daily updates on entry numbers.


Only available with the gold package

*Prices are charged on top of your package price.

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