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Team Results 

   Fixture 1 - 3rd November 2022, Priors Field, Kenilworth, Results

   Fixture 2 - 5th December 2022, Priory Park,Warwick, Results

   Fixture 3 - 4th Febraury 2023, Priory Park,Warwick, Results


PROPOSED RACE DAY ( Season 2023/24)

9:30am     Year 5 Girls

9:55am     Year 5 Boys

10:20am   Year 6 Girls

10:45am   Year 6 Boys

Run route details 

Parking details

Refreshments & toiliet details 

Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each race, are awarded directly after a race.

Top 4 finishers for each school in a race count as points towards their team total.  If a school has less than 4 finishers then the team cannot be counted as a 'team'.


2024 Team Trophies to be awarded for each race (age/gender).


Q.: Do we need new numbers for the next race?

No , if you already have numbers for your runners from fixture 1 you do not need to reapply. The numbers are the same for the season and should not be swapped between runners .


Q.: How can I add more runners  to my team?

If you haven't used up your allocated places  you can continue to add new runners. Simply scroll to ‘Register your Team’ and send the names and year group of your new runner, and we will email out their race number.


Q.: Can I have more than my allocated runners/places. (12/20)? 

Yes , you can  add any extra runners over and above your allocation  but it does costs £1 per runner . Simply scroll to ‘Additional Runners’ and submit their details. We will then email you their new race number.

Q.: Can I race even if my school hasn't entered?

Yes -  we want everyone to have the opportunity to run. Simply go to Individual Entry (£5) and sign up.

You must have a guardian onsite at all times, in case of an emergency. Individual runners cannot form a team.

Any more questions and queries to:


Register your school.

Please see below.

Your e-mail confirmation can act as a receipt of payment.


Register your team.

Please see below.

You need to give names of the people racing.


We send you race numbers.

We will e-mail you the race numbers. Please check your junk.


Print Race Numbers.

You need to print these numbers and assign to your pupils accordingly.


Share 'Event Info' page.

Full fixture details will be on this page so please share it with parents.




In order to enter any fixture this academic year, you need to purchase a 'School Subscription'. This will register your school for CWPXC races.


If your schools requires an invoice before paying your subscription, you can request this by contacting will automatically receive an email confirmation of payment which acts as your receipt.


Subscriptions are based on how many athletes you wish to enter into each race. This year we have three events with four races per fixture:

REMEMBER whilst you could have a single individual running for your school in a race, you do need 4 runners to qualify as a 'Team' for points in the team rankings.


SAFETY NOTICE Runners per race will be capped at 160. These places will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. You must complete the form 'Register Team' to be included.

Additional Runners

This year we are also allowing you to enter 'additional runners' for an individual race. This will allow one student to race in the particular fixture at a cost of £1.50 per runner.

This must be done at least 48 hours prior to an event and can be done on a link we will provide HERE  which will be made active from 14th November 2022 

Team Allocation Explained
Register School


Once you have registered your school you can Register your Team by filling in the form below to tell us the names of the pupils who are part of your team. You can keep adding to this up to the first race until your allocation is full.

Each pupil will then be allocated a unique number. This number will be the pupil's number throughout the whole year. Numbers can not be swapped between students or races.

We will inform you via e-mail of your pupil's race numbers, which you will be required to provide for every pupil in for each race. The number which must be pinned to the front of the vest when racing. Failure to do this will result in an incorrect recording of their race position.

You will need to submit one form for every team. (One for year 5's and one for year 6's)

Team Registration Form

Thank you, we will e-mail you shortly.

Athlete Registration
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